Spring is in the air! Welcome to the season of green and growth!

As the weather warms back up and the sun stays up later, it’s the perfect time to get outside, get dirty and be active. It’s so important to make sure your child gets plenty of fresh air, exercise, sunshine, and Vitamin N (nature).


Cupcake liner daffodils

Three DIY daffodils made of card Kids will love creating these realistic daffodils made using cupcakes liners. Feel free to get experimental with the colours.

To make cupcake liner daffodils, you will need: Lolly sticks, Green craft paint, White, yellow or orange craft paper or card, 6x white, yellow or orange cupcake liners, Glue.

What to do:

  • Paint six wooden lolly sticks with green craft paint and set aside to dry.
  • Cut flower shapes from white, yellow or orange craft paper or card, each with six pointy petals.
  • Take six white, yellow or orange cupcake liners (a contrasting colour to the flowers looks nice) and lightly scrunch the base of them in your hand.
  • Glue one on each flower, then glue the flowers to the lolly sticks.
  • Cut out six long leaf shapes from green craft paper or card and stick to the stems.

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Make this simple and easy pinecone bird feeder as a perfect spring activity to connect with nature and find some new friends.

For instructions on how to make this feeder and for more inspirational ideas please check out: Preschool inspirations.

Reconnecting families through outdoor activities and adventure. Please go to their site to find wonderful activties for all the family. Click Here

Spring Tips

Muddy Puddles! – Wellies at the ready?! Get out there and make a splash, just make sure you keep warm and know how deep those puddles are.

Bird Nests  The tweeting begins, do not move bird nests if you find them as there might be some eggs waiting to hatch.

Easter Egg Hunts – Once the Easter Bunny has been, try and save some of your eggs, so the yummy chocolatiness lasts longer – yummy!

Support Queen Bumble Bees This Spring! – The buzz of bumble bees will soon fill the air. This is a great time to ensure that your green space is ready as bees begin waking up and looking for food. This is also a critical time of year as the queen bees will be emerging from hibernation, the queen needs sufficient food for herself and her first batch of developing offspring.