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Taking lifeskills education of kids, to the next level

We designed this course with the child at the core of everything we do, whilst also ensuring that parents are given an incredible toolset, to help in the education of key life skills across social, cultural, physical and psychological themes. Whilst the course does indeed ensure that children learn how to stay safe from the dangers of the ever-changing world they’re growing up in, it also aims to instil a positive mindset change, giving children the skills they need to be great leaders of the future, in whatever they may decide to do.

Children are immersed in the world of Timmy, Tina, Tilly and Theo the tigers, who guide them on a journey of learning and self-discovery, as part of their life skills education journey; What’s more is that all of the core themes are guided by our fantastic jungle family so that kids learn in an immersive and captivating manner.

All of what we teach is done through fun, games, discussions and core course material that has been approved by industry professionals, not least taught all over the world. We’ve tried and tested our material for well over a decade, across 1000’s of families in over 12 countries and 5 languages.

How Our Course Can Benefit Your Child

Provides a safe, supportive & nurturing environment to increase self-confidence, esteem and awareness.
Gives children the tools they need & experience to stay safe & be a leader at school, home and play.
Helps instill the core virtues of family, so that children develop mindfulness in all they do and achieve in the world.


Areas We Cover


How The Course Is Delivered

The Life Skills Kids course is delivered In a dynamic, fun & peer-based learning format, whereby kids are taught all life skills themes in a fun and engaging way.

From situational based drills, through to specially crafted games, tasks and discussions, kids absorb the learning outcomes in a way that they will understand and retain.

Situational Drills

Situational based drills to impact on learning and retention at this age range.

Ongoing Partnership

An ongoing partnership between parents & instructors.

Special Games

Core elements of the course are taught through specially created games.

Continued Learning

Designed to continue learning & progression outside of lessons.


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