Stranger Awareness

What Is Included In The Stranger Awareness Course?

We aim to ensure that children can confidently understand and deal with situations where they may face strangers; Whether that situation may be good or bad.

Here are some of the key elements of the course.

Teaching kids identify potentially life threatening situations when dealing with strangers.
Helping kids understand that their voice is their most powerful weapon.
Equipping kids with the knowledge and skills to effectively deal with bad stranger situations wherever they are.
Understanding the differences between good and bad strangers and how to get help in a given scenario.

Student Benefits


Giving them the power to speak up and experience to deal with situations confidently


Being able to read situations that may be dangerous, not least for themselves but also for others, such as friends or family

Communication Skills

Using their voice, asking for help from 'Good Strangers' and being able to spot dangers quickly


What Parents Say

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