Teamwork and Leadership

What Is Included In The Teamwork and Leadership Course?

The theme develops core skills in leadership, not least fostering the right behaviours and responses when faced with stressful or dangerous situations. 

Here are some of the key elements of the course.

Encouraging children to listen and work together through specially crafted games, workshops & exercises.
Educating, through play, on the importance of working as part of a team (outside of their egocentric world).
Teaching children about trusting & respecting one another, in addition to "good vs bad" secrets.
Helping them understand the importance of being a leader and that the leader’s primary role is to help those who need it.

Student Benefits


We are not all the same, some people need more time and help.

Attention Skills

To look out for each other and work as part of a team

Communication Skills

Be a positive leader one that helps and inspires by actions & words


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